Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can it really be April already??

My goodness, how time flies.
I have been back from Homer since the middle of March, and now it's April 10th. I don't like's yucky tax time. Oh well.

And it's been snowing! I want spring. We did have a lovely taste of spring two weeks ago.. Steve and I went for a nice long walk on the trail behind the airport.. it was so nice. Blue skies, geece, dogs and quite the breeze. I was glad to have brought a sweater.

Now for some updates.
Gabe Wilford is staying with us for awhile.. Max (our dog) had to have knee surgery.. you really don't want to know how expensive that was! He is healing, but can't ever go for runs with Brian Felix again. Emmy was spayed, David was made the manager at Starbucks, Erik and Miriah chose their honeymoon location, and their wedding date.... July 19th. Oh, and I finished my lead chelation treatments in Homer, and got my metal testing results back. More on that later.

My time in Homer was relaxing and good for me. I got to do nothing but rest and have quiet time, which was good since I had no idea how tired those treatments were going to make me. I watched lots of the Food network and came home with great ideas. Steve came up and spent the last 2 days with me in Homer.. we ate at two wonderful resturants- Fat Olives and Cups. Oh my gosh, the food was amazing. And yes, I ate dairy. Yum. We drove out to the Spit and took pictures of the beach-it was so nice that day.
This isn't the spit, it's the view of the spit from just outside of town. And this next picture is of Anchor Point.
These are on the spit, and this next picture is Steve and I. I love the sound and smells of the ocean. It was a nice end to my Homer time.
Then it was back to the usual grind of being home with 3 boys, 2 dogs, 3 cats, fish and birds and a messy house. Oh, and rain and snow. But it is Juneau, and it's my home.

Metal testing. Ugh.
My original metal testing was with a pill as a binding agent, and the one I had in Homer was a very accurate IV one. My doctor called me with the results and told me that good news, the lead is gone! Yea, rejoicing. Then he said do you want the bad news?? huh? Turns out, I have mercury and arsenic poisoning. The previous test didn't pick them up. The chelation therapy I had in Homer did remove some of the arsenic, but apparently I have lots and lots of it, so I will need more chelation sometime. The mercury is removed differently, so he is sending me pills to take for 6 weeks. Lovely flu like symptoms are predicted. BUT, when the mercury is gone, I can begin to fix my thyroid, then work on the arsenic.

I was quite discouraged when I got the news, but God is in control. I will just continue to do the next thing. At least we now know what all has been causing my troubles.
That's all for now folks!
Thank you Sue for encouraging me to update my blog. I sure do miss you.