Saturday, September 1, 2012

Another Friday

My weeks tend to follow the exact same routine.
Sunday is Church, lunch and knitting, sometimes baking if I'm feeling up to it.  I get to talk with my Dad on Sunday's, and hopefully will get to start skyping with David.

Monday thru Thursday I go to work, go to the store once or twice, and then come home.  Once home I knit, I browse the internet, mostly Ravelry and Facebook, then wait for Steve to come home.
Rinse, and repeat.

Then comes Friday. :-) It's my favorite day of the week, even if I have to get up WAY earlier than I usually do.  Eleanor comes over at 7am, and we just sit and chat and play.  Then Robin comes around 7:50, and it's more playtime.  Steve makes them ham and cheese omelets and we just hang out till lunchtime.   Yesterday it was sunny and warm so we went for a nice long walk out front and then around the pond in the back.   This is the first time this year I've been out back; boy have the alders grown up high!
Yesterday's activity was good for me, but it took more out of me than I thought it would.  I so wish I could figure out why.  It is the most frustrating thing in my life.

We brought out the duplo blocks I bought for the girls a long time ago.  They loved them. :-)

And we're off!

Someone wants Grandpa

I really enjoy the path around the pond.  Well, except for the bugs.

Eleanor's always go, go, go. 

kid sized seats were everywhere.

Eleanor and I went outside for another walk while Robin was sleeping.. she found this puddle in a neighbors yard.  It was so much fun to watch her.  She was soaked from top to bottom by the time we left. :-)
Waiting for Grandpa to bring her some strawberries.

Steve and I have decided that we are not going out to Echo Ranch this year.  It was such a tough decision, as I love it so.  But he really feels like it is the right thing for my health at this time.  And just to confirm his decision, we just found out that he requested the wrong weekend off from work.  So even if we wanted to go, we can't.  God knew that I would give in at the last minute and go, no matter how I would feel after.  So, I will be home that weekend and Steve will be working. 
I'm going to ask Darla, Hannah and Ashleigh to take LOTS of pictures for me.

Well that's about all for me this week.

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